Sunday, October 12, 2008

Viva Vertical Pole Out Night

Last Friday, Viva Vertical held a Pole Out Night @ Mardi Gras for people to have fun and have free access to Pole Dance! Unfortunately, it was crowded and jam packed full of people (very unexpected.. but yeah, it was a Friday night), and I was pretty shy to pull out any moves : ( I got pulled out by Kyeth later and I whooped out a chopper! (No pun intended! olol) and ended like this..

Haha! Looks cool though.. surprisingly

And thats Trix on the Pole!

The girls were pretty much awesome too!

After a fair bit of dancing, we settled down to celebrate Kyeth's 20th Birthday. 

That was pretty much everyone from.. Talent Hub.. and extra's who came down to party that night. Kyeth's in the middle posing a peace sign. : D Silly Kenny, the cake smudger (don't know where he went), and Yen, the person behind the picture aren't in the shot.. Overall, although the event wasn't as -exciting- as i had anticipated it to be, I still enjoyed the company and meeting up with friends, getting to know them more than the hi-byes, glances from afar, and help during pole access :P However, I had to leave early due to my curfew and bid goodbyes to everyone and left for home.. It was a fun night out, and I hope there will be more to come.. especially with moar drink!! RWAR!!


electronicfly said...

ooi din tell us one?!?!?!

All of us wanna watch you pole dance one leh

zcfoo said...


stumble upon ur blog on riz. eheh. poser gila on pole tu.

anyway, i shall be seeing u soon. i think. if yen calls.


cya cya