Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pole Stars 2009!

It was a very eventful day indeed, what more; it’s the first time I was participating in a dancing competition! Pole dancing competition! Thank yew organizers : D

It started off with the stage rehearsals @ Saigon Bar in the morning which was supposed to start at about 10am, and didn’t start proper until 11am which was like.. Malaysian timing at its best. : D I was kinda tired from practicing till late the previous day, choreographing the last of my finals dance, so I arrived fashionably late, and just in time for the Fitpole group to rehearse.

After that, I lingered around to continue practicing and to get used to that small cramped space we get to dance on. I was so worried because my palms were sweating uncontrollably and if this happens later, I wouldn’t be even able to execute my routine let alone complete it. Fortunately… Kenny had brought along an extra pair of gloves, which saved my life. WOOT!

By that time, it was about 3pm and I returned home for food, I hadn’t eaten the whole day so I was extremely hungry : ( So I requested for some mashed potatoes… Yea, requested, because I CAN. So my lil sister made mashed potatoes for me while I returned home : D Fresh, mashed Holland potatoes, and that’s how you should be eating potatoes kids. I devoured my lunch and proceeded to sleep.. what a pig D: its called hibernating. I didnt have time to eat dinner.
So I awoke at about 6pm and scrambled to get ready for the competition. Once there, well, I was actually decently early, I popped in my headphones and practiced my moves. Damn, I was nervous ><>: )

The Fitpole semi finals didn’t start until about 9. And when that was over with, I got selected out of the 6 to be in the running for the finals^^ Sadly.. Michelle had to go : (

Anyway... yea, and it was this time which I forgot to bring the battery pack for my ultimate costume! I was so tensed up I wouldn’t be able to get it in time and sent my dad to fetch it from the house.. Thanks a lot dad! So yea.. Jenny went first, then Tess, Jeaney Olly.. then ME! And I forgot my moves towards the end.. DAMN. It cost me my place : ( It was so close! Well, that also isn’t the attribute I guess, I’ve got a lot more to learn as a dancer.

But yea… Runner up isn’t that bad! : D Great for a freshie^^. After that, I could feel all the built up tension disappear. All the hard work and effort used for 4 minutes of fame. It was a great experience : D

After that, I celebrated in Bangkung with a couple of drinks! O yea~

Stupid Fella :P 

Special thanks to: Arthur, Marianne and Riz for the pictures : )

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Countdaun!!

In the last few hours... I've been trying to finish up my solo performance ( I do hope i get chosen!)

In the last few hours... I've been trying plan out the last bit

In the last few hours... I scored 5/5 for Ms. Winnie's Quiz

In the last few hours... I was discussing my assignment

In the last few minutes... my knees hurt from turning around too much

Right now.. I feel kinda anxious

Right now...  I feel kinda hungry

Soon... I will retire to bed

In another few hours... Rehearsals for tonight will start..

In another few hours... the competition starts..

In another few hours... I will feel very hilat.com

If you come!

In another few hours... You'll see me perform @ Saigon bar

In another few hours... We'll be shakin hands

In another few hours... Lets hope Chunky Monkey brings home the grand prize.. BOOYA!!!

Love you all!! Chunky Monkeyism!



Thursday, June 4, 2009

In an unrelated event

Check out these sea creatures @ Aquaria KLCC taken with my handphone cam

( Is secretly Leorando)

He keeps his swords in his shell.And when he isnt in the tank.
Notice that his flippers turn into hands.

I am still uncertain what fish this is

Now, this is the reason why you shouldn't pollute the water kids.
In mean, you really want to see big fish in the sea.
If you pollute.. there wont BE any fish.

Yes, well, there are other pictures havent been uploaded, they're pretty wicked. 

Random post 101

One more day!

Hello peeps! Chunky Monkey speakinnnnn...!!!

Another long day has come and gone,
With energy used up,
mowing my lawn.


AdrianS: OOO what a poet!

Woot! I've got some good news, and some bad news.

The good news is, we've finally completed the group dance choreography! And its going to be a Bhlast!! Glad thats over with. ^o^ And, the bad news is... I havent completed my solo dance performance for both the routines! xO Gonna die hard trying at axces tonight (like Thursday night)

But do you know whats really amazing? The new shoes I bought specifially for pole today! ZOMGS. I think its a great investment, that by which I hope its actually durable enough to last a long time =X . Its a pair of black Adidas Jawpaw Aqua Sports shoes

So now... i've fixed my sweaty feet... now i've got my sweaty palms to worry about! D: 

I realleh realleh hope I dont start to Banjir(flood) on that day... or it will be.. an utter phailure. Like PHAILURE. 

1: Hand Sanitizer and chalk up.
2: Need a good pole
3: Wipe the pole
4: Pray very hard : (

Yeah, so.. vote for me by commenting in my blog yeah? And come support me on Saturday! See you there! Terimasin!^^

Monday, June 1, 2009

Important public service announcement!

Grand Finals SAT 6 JUNE, 7pm @ Saigon Bar, Bangsar KL (Its near TMC/ One Bangsar @ those bungalows converted into restaurants.)

Admission - RM20 if you tell me by 6pm 2nd June! If not its Rm35 at the door

Chunky Monkey (Jon)-0173352378

Last week flash back

Yes, as you can see... i really... really find it hard to keep updating. XD

Before we start.. lets have a Pop Quiz!

Q:Do you know what happens when you pole for 3 days in a row? 

A: You get sore arms!!! Woots!

*Gives you a golden star and some candy*

Lol, ok so anyways, lets take a looksie of whats been happening.

25th May - Access + Class = 4 hours pole xO
26th May - Access
27th May - Group practice
                     Jenny went to the hospital : ( 
28th May - Revise my assignment
29th May - Assignment dateline!!!
30th May - Sports Carnival
                     Group practice
                     Happy Birthday Adrian!! : D
31th May - Went to see fishes in Aquaria KLCC Convention Centre                                           Drinking session
                     Happy Birthday Wei Lyn!! : D
2nd June - Mid Terms PSY207 - Human Personality 

Practising the full flag.. and not really getting to hold it :/

Yeah, its been a realllllly hectic week and I'm seriously exhausted. There isnt a time which i can be really idle.. Was looking forward to the weekends so I can rest and rejuvinate before the week of the finale. With great anticipation.. Its going be another busy busy tiring week before the competition, i'm still working on completing my moves ><. On top of that, the group dance isn't finished either. Practice practice practice.

Uncivilized picture taken during group practice

Civilized picture

Yep. Whats even better is that the week after that, I have to complete 3 assignments and one mid term paper.. haiyo.. Sudah mau pengsan. (Supplication theory here :P) Haha, I hope for the best. Aite, hear from me soon! USUSUS

Also, if you would like to see our rehearsals, you can check it out at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm6Lqnr9Zpg                ^_^

Monday, May 25, 2009

Back for Fan Blogging!

Alrighty! Im back into my blog, and as you can see im not a very avid blogger. So firstly, if you're wondering whats Chunky Monkeynism, its my stage name for Pole Dancing! Well, Chunky Monkey is, but if you support me, then its called Chunky Monkeynism!!
Whats this all about? In the very short week ahead, Pole Stars is coming up on the 6th of June which is... about 11 days away!! Zomgssss... Chunky Monkey will be in the running for the finals ;D that is..  if you vote fer meh! Haha, but as much as that plays a part, I'm still putting in every ounce of effort into this. (Summore got to study and pinish assignments T_T)

The contestants have to go through the semi-finals group dance routine before they pick the finalists, and they perform on that day itself! I know! Crazy right? Therefore, I am practicing like mad. I had 4 hours in today itself xO. Well, I'm pretty sure every one of the contestants are working hard.. and killing themselves to think of choreography! *strangles*

Warming up for Fitpole Dance Routine Session

We are still stuckeh with choreography..

Pertolongan cemas ahmad di apresiasi!!

The only way I could get myself into the picture!




Babooning ^_^

Ya loh, so thats whats pretty much what has been going on. And well.. most of us dont really agree with the song choices given.. kinda bickering how it ends so abruptly here and there.. but oh well, doing the best I can! We can.

In an unrelated news, my solo dance routine is kinda whack. Been trying hard to look for some good beats and music to dance to. And oh, Audacity rox if you want to mix music : D. I really hope my sweaty hands dont become an obstacle for me to overcome that night... CHALK HELP ME. Yeah.. im like really tired now and of to shower, sleep, study, class, sleep, pole, my life routine.. for now xO.

-jonbon the chunky monkey